A Thanks to Law Enforcement - 10-13-14
I want to take this opportunity to say thanks to the men and women in law enforcement who assisted us this past Sunday. My entire department responded immediately and worked all day and evening. The Carmi Police Department and Chief Jason Carter took quick action and had K-9 Unit Dustin Buttry on the ground and officers setting up a perimeter. Illinois State Police responded and assisted throughout the process. US Marshall Pete Kell assisted with several Marshalls from his office. Edward's County Sheriff Darby Biawey, Wayne County Sheriff Mike Everett, Williamson County Sheriff Bennie Vick, and Saline County Sheriff Keith Brown all provided tremendous assistance. Our Southern Illinois Drug Task Force responded with several officers. Norris City Police Department, Grayville Police Department, and Eldorado Police Department also assisted greatly. White County States Attorney Denton Aud was involved throughout the day as well.

This is a great example of local law enforcement working together to accomplish a common goal. We have had several high profile cases in White County lately and the ability to work to work in a coordinated effort had made the convictions possible in these cases.

I am extremely proud to be a part of this group and hope the public is as proud of them as I am.
Escaped Inmates Apprehended - 10-11-2014
Both Robert M. Mead and Donald Currier have been located and are in custody of the White County Sheriff's Department. Both were located in a residence along Raliegh Road in Saline County. Subjects were found hiding inside the residence and resisted arrest.

The White County Sheriff's Department's investigation led to the Saline County area. The White County Sheriff's Department responded to the area with the assistance of the Saline County Sheriff's Department, Illinois State Police, U.S. Marshall Service, Southern Illinois Task Force, and Eldorado Police Department.

This was a joint effort of all agencies working together leading to this safe apprehension.

During the course of the investigation two subjects, Jason Locke (10-31-80) and Brandy J. Minder (05-07-82), were arrested and charged with Obstruction of Justice. Both subjects reside at 117 6th St. of Carmi. Both are being held in the White County Jail with no bond.

Mr. Currier was injured during the escape. He will be transported for medical attention.
Escape from White County Jail - 10-11-2014
Two inmates are missing from the White County Jail.

Corrections officers doing a head count at breakfast determined that 26 year old Donald Currier, 09-07-88, 5'10", 145, brown hair, hazel eyes, of 106 S. Short St.; Golden Gate, IL and 32 year old ROBERT M MEAD, 05-20-82, 6'0", 180, brown hair, brown eyes, of 14703 Prosperity Rd.; Johnson City, IL were missing from their cell.

Outside video shows subjects left at 1:37 AM. A hole was discovered in the ceiling and roof of the jail. Both subjects are White County Prisoners. Both subjects were dressed in shorts and dark colored T-Shirts.

Sheriff's Departments in WIlliamson County, Edwards County, and Wayne County as well as Illinois State Police have been notified for assistance. Carmi K-9 unit is searching the area.
A several month long operation by the White County Sheriff's Office and the Southern Illinois Drug Task Force has resulted in a second arrest in the Village of Maunie. Jennifer L. Farny, 224 S. Morgan St., Maunie, IL DOB 01-12-1972, was arrested on Tuesday, September 16, 2014, at 8:22 a.m. A warrant had been issued for two counts of Delivery of Cannabis. The warrant had been obtained by States Attorney Denton Aud. Additional charges resulted from the arrest. Farney was charged with:

2 Cts Delivery of Cannabis 30-500 grams (warrant)
Possession of Cannabis
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

The Sheriff's Office served the warrant. During the arrest Jennifer Farny advised she had an amount of cannabis and drug paraphernalia in the residence. She gave consent to search the residence. During the search the cannabis and drug paraphernalia were seized.

Farny transported to the White County Jail. Bond on warrant $ 3,500.00 cash. Bond on additional charges of $150.00.

Over the weekend the Sheriff's Department had four reports of electric poles being cut down with a chainshaw in order to steal the copper from the meter loop. This is very costly to the people who own the pole, in several instances the line is to grain bins and is vital to the farming operation. This is also very dangerous. Crimestoppers will offer a $500.00 reward for any information which leads to an arrest in this matter.

White County Sheriff
Doug Maier
The active meth lab recovered from a vehicle on Friday morning is another indication that the meth problem is still a major concern. The meth response team advised they are seeing an increase in meth related activity. A tip from the public led directly to the arrest and locating this meth lab. I again ask the public to be involved and notify the Sheriff's Department of any suspicious activity. Your help is extremely valuable and appreciated.

White County Sheriff
Doug Maier
We have had an increase in scams in White County during the past few weeks. The scam is supposedly from Publisher's Clearing House, advising you that you have won %50,000.00. In order to get the prize money they ask that you obtain "red dot" prepaid visa cards and send to them, or wire money through Western Union. This money is supposed to be for taxes or processing fee. The call may be followed up by someone claiming to be from a "consumer fraud"
division of the government. They will advise they are trying to catch the people who are scamming you, and will also want money to further the investigation. This will be the same people.

These people will try to make you think they are your friends and trying to help you. Be assured that they are not. They are very good at what they do and will take your money. Any legitimate prize you have won will not require that you send money to obtain the prize. If it looks to good to be true then it is!!! Do not send any money or give any information about your bank!!!

Feel free to contact the Sheriff's Department and we will try to assist you in getting the calls to stop. They can be relentless and call 20-30 times a day. We advised you to talk to these people as little as possible. Hand the phone up when you recognize that it might be a scam. They will eventually quit calling if you will not talk to them.. You will be less likely to become a victim of a scam if you understand how the scams work, and that there are people out there trying to take your money!!!

White County Sheriff
Doug Maier
The RX Take Back Event was conducted this past Saturday at the White County Sheriff's Office. Over 55 pounds of unwanted prescription drugs were taken in during the event. I would like to thank the public for their participation. This provides a way for the public to dispose of these drugs and takes them out of their homes. We have numerous thefts that target these type drugs and this will reduce those thefts. The drugs have been sealed and will be transferred to the DEA for destruction. Thanks again.

White County Sheriff
Doug Maier
Warrant Served on Sheriff's Dept. Employee - 03-07-14
Illinois State Police served a warrant on a Melissa L. Kittinger (DOB 5-23-78) on 3-7-14 who is employed as a dispatcher at the White County 911 dispatch center. The warrant had two counts of Unlawful Communication with a Juror. The warrant was obtained by Hamilton County States Attorney Justin Hood, who had been appointed as a special prosecutor. Bond on the warrant was $1,500.00 cash.

Mrs. Kittinger posted the $1,500.00 cash and was released.

She has been placed on paid suspension until further notice.

White County Sheriff
Doug Maier
On March 5, 2014, the Southern Illinois Drug Task Force was advised by Indiana State Police they had identified two packages located at a Postal Delivery Service in Evansville, Indiana. The packages were to be delivered to two addresses located in White County. The packages contained Methamphetamine.

A detail was organized involving the Drug Task Force, White County Sheriff's Department, Illinois State Police and the Carmi Police Department.

The package was delivered to a residence located at 1009 W. Main St, Crossville, IL. Luke L. Burnett resides at this residence. Mr. Burnett signed for the package, and was placed under arrest at that time.

A search warrant was obtained by SA Denton Aud for the residence. During service of the search warrant another amount of methamphetamine and cannabis were recovered from the residence.

The package delivered contained approximately 227 grams of crystal methamphetamine.

Mr. Burnett was transported to the White County Jail. Burnett has been charged with Unlawful Possession of Methamphetamine, more than 30 grams. White County SA Denton Aud will file formal charges.

DOB 08-20-1983
1009 W. MAIN ST.

Theft Arrests - 10-04-13
The White County Sheriff's Department has made an arrest in the case of a theft from Mill Shoals Township. Arrested was: Shannon L. Woodrow of 312 Brown St.; Springerton IL. Shannon Woodrow is employed as the Mill Shoals Township Clerk.

The arrest is the result of a several month long investigation by the Sheriff's Department. A payment made to Wayne White Electric in the amount of $537.50 purported to have been made payable by Mill Shoals Township was determined to have been without the consent of Mill Shoals Township. Cash in excess of $500.00 was also taken from Mill Shoals Township for the purpose of being 'Bonded'. This bond was never obtained thereby depriving Mill Shoals Township of this property.

States Attorney Denton Aud reviewed the report and filed formal charges.

Woodrow is being held in the White County Jail on $2500.00 cash bond.

White County Sheriff
Doug Maier
The White County Sheriff's Office was notified at 3:13p.m. on August 29, 2013 of a motor vehicle accident on Epworth Road about 1/2 mile Southeast of Carmi. The accident involved a Dump Truck and a motorcycle. The driver of the truck and both subjects on the motorcycle were deceased. The truck was Northbound and entered the Southbound lane of traffic, striking the motorcycle. The truck then left the roadway striking a tree.

The truck is owned by O'Daniel Trucking of Carmi. The driver of the truck was a Robert L. Leffingwell, DOB 02-23-1944, 1208 Sycamore St., Carmi, IL 62821. The driver of the motorcycle was a Michael Lynn Barton, DOB 02-12-1970, 2108 W. Virginia St., Evansville, IN. The passenger on the motorcycle was a D. Ella J. Ratley, DOB 12-03-1977, 800 N. 13th St., Herron, IL.

An Illinois State Police Motor Vehicle Inspector was called to scene to inspect the Dump Truck. The White County Sheriff's Department continues the investigation.

White County Sheriff

Doug Maier
The White County Jail became a smoke free facility when I was elected Sheriff in December, 2002. We are now doing a trial period with "electronic cigarettes". These will be available for purchase through our commissary. Prior to my administration prisoners were allowed to purchase cigarettes from a vending machine in the lobby. The issue of second hand smoke for both the inmates and the employees was the main reason we did not continue with this practice. This program will eliminate the second hand smoke issue and allow inmates who smoke to have this option. The commissary fund is used to purchase meals for civic organizations throughout our county as well as offset the costs of our jail to the taxpayers.

White County Sheriff

Doug Maier
A Warrant has been issued for Stephanie L. Parker, DOB 12/03/1976 for Escape. Miss Parker has been incarcerated in the White County Jail since June 7, 2013. She was released into the custody of the White County Community Service Program by court order on Friday, August 16, 2013 at 7:52 am. The Sheriff's Department was advised at 11:00am on that same day that Miss Parker could not be located. Miss Parker did not return to the jail.

The Sheriff's Office has investigated the incident and received information that Miss Parker was picked up where she was performing her community service and has fled to another state.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Stephanie Parker should contact the White County Sheriff's Office or Crimestoppers at 1-800-637-3577.

White County Sheriff

Doug Maier
On Saturday morning, August 17th at approximately 7:45 am, Illinois State Police notified the White County Sheriff's Department of a shooting incident that had occurred in Posey County, Indiana. The victim of that incident escaped without serious injuries and was talking with authorities. Posey County Sheriff's Department advised that suspect in the shooting was a Thomas Davidson.

At approximately 12:35pm, Indiana State Police informed WCSO of a female subject reported missing from Gibson County that might have been a victim of a shooting incident and that her body could possibly be along a county road between Carmi and Crossville, IL. The Indiana State Police also advised that a subject in the shooting incident was a Thomas Matthew Davidson, DOB 11-24-1987, formally from address 812 Sycamore St., Carmi, IL 62821. White County Sheriff's Department and the Illinois State Police began an extensive search of the county roads in that area.

At approximately 5:30pm,the Sheriff's Department was advised from the Indiana State Police that Davidson was in their custody. Further information obtained from Davidson narrowed the search area to a location west of Crossville, Illinois. Indiana State Police and Illinois State Police provided air support and a body was located in a cornfield 1 mile west of Crossville at approximately 7:00 p.m. Illinois State Police Crime Scene and White County Coroner Chris Marsh were notified. The deceased victim was identified as Sandra K. Burkhardt, 9741 S. 1075 W. Poseyville, IN.

Davidson was transferred to the White County Jail approximately 11:30 p.m. States Attorney Denton Aud filed preliminary charges of First Degree Murder and had a bond set at $ 2 Million Dollars.

An autopsy was performed at approximately 1:p. Sunday by White County Coroner Chris Marsh. Initial cause of death determined to be from 4 gunshot wounds.

Davidson is expected to make a first appearance in White County Circuit Court on Monday when States Attorney Denton Aud will file formal charges.

This investigation involved numerous agencies from both Indiana and Illinois. Gibson County, Posey County, Warrick County, Pike County, Indiana as well as the Indiana State Police, Illinois State Police and White County Sheriff's Department.

White County Sheriff
Doug Maier

Dogtown Shooting
The White County Sheriff's Office is conducting an investigation into the death of RYAN J ONEIL, 310 Goad Cemetery Road, Mt. Vernon, Indiana, DOB 06-08-1983.

White County 911 received a call at 4:19 AM on 07-13-2013. A female stated that a male subject had shot himself.

The Sheriff's Office responded and located a male subject later identified as Ryan O'Neil laying on a bed in the rear bedroom of the residence located at 850 County Road 1930E, Carmi, IL. This is a small community known as Dogtown. Mr. O'Neil was deceased, and had two gunshot wounds to his body.

A search warrant for the residence was obtained through SA Denton Aud. ISP Crime Scene was requested and processed the scene. Numerous witnesses were interviewed by the Sheriff's Office. Coroner Chris Marsh had autopsy performed at the White County Morgue.

The death appears to be the result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.



White County Dispatch received a call on 4/17/2013 at approximately 7:00 p.m. in reference to a fight in progress at a residence located at 117 Sacramento St., Enfield, Illinois.

Deputy responded to location and spoke with several people at the residence. The fight was no longer active at this time. Statements showed that a Alexander L. Wallace, age 19, had been in an altercation with a female juvenile. Wallace then had an altercation with a Christopher Stroud, who was trying to intervene. Wallace used "pepper spray" on this subject, spraying him in the face. The two went to the ground. A witness observed Wallace pull a knife from his pocket, open it, and position it in such a way that he believed Wallace was going to stab Stroud. This fight was broken up by others at the residence. Wallace did not at any time stab Stroud.

Wallace subject arrested and transported to White County Jail. Preliminary charges of Battery and Aggravated Battery. States Attorney Denton Aud will file formal charges today and have bond set on subject.

Alexander L. Wallace
DOB: 01/31/1994
714 E. 3rd St.
Flora, IL

White County Sheriff
Doug Maier
White County 911 dispatch received a call on 4/18/2013 at 1:03 am. The caller stated there were 6 subjects in the area of 800 W. Main St. in Crossville, and the two subjects were screaming to call the police. Caller stated he overheard one of the female subjects had drawn a weapon.

Deputies and Illinois State Police arrived on scene. Two units from Carmi Police Department also responded. A black Jeep Cherokee was observed leaving the area through a field located behind the residence of Luke Burnett. The vehicle almost struck a White County Deputy vehicle as he entered County Road 1600E. The vehicle continued on the County Road 1600E for a short distance at a high rate of speed, approximately 1/2 mile, before losing control of vehicle, overturning in ditch, and crashing into a utility pole, breaking the pole. The pole was leaning over the vehicle.

Driver of vehicle a Luke L. Burnett, DOB 8/20/1983, 1009 W. Main St., Crossville, Illinois.

Mr. Burnett was taken by White County Ambulance to hospital in Evansville, Indiana.

Report will be forwarded to White County States Attorney Denton Aud. Numerous charges are anticipated.

The other individuals involved were not located and no gun was discovered.

White County Sheriff
Doug Maier
Warrant Sweep - 1/21/2013
As early morning detail was conducted by the White County Sheriff's Office this morning. Officers from the White County Sheriff's Office, Carmi Police Department and the Southern Illinois Drug Task Force were involved. The detail began at 5:00 am.

The purpose of the detail was to server arrest warrants resulting from indictments by a Grand Jury which was convened on January 18th, 2013. The grand jury was called by White County States Attorney Denton Aud. This was the result of a several month long investigation by the Southern Illinois Drug Task Force.

The following persons were arrested relating to the case:
Jedadiah J. Locher of Carmi
Unlawful Delivery of Controlled Substance
4 x Unlawful Delivery of Cannabis

Michael J Hartman of Enfield
2 x Unlawful Delivery of Cannabis

Patricia A Bailey of Crossville
2 x Unlawful Delivery of Controlled Substance

William A Johnson of Carmi
Obstructing Justice

Sheila Brewster of Carmi
Unlawful Delivery of Cannabis

Heather Richards of Carmi
2 x Unlawful Delivery of Controlled Substance
Charlie L. Frazier of Carmi
Unlawful Delivery of Cannabis

Jesse G. Stephens
2 x Unlawful Delivery of Cannabis

A search warrant was obtained by States Attorney Denton Aud for the residence at 407 Seventh St., in Carmi. Additional drug related charges are anticipated.

A verbal consent to search was obtained at 101 N. Staley St in Carmi. A small amount of cannabis was located and additional charges filed.

White County Sheriff
Doug Maier
The White County Sheriff's Department is investigating a report of a missing person. James P. Price, 103 Branch Dr., Edwardsville, IL, DOB 06-19-1975, was reported missing to the Sheriff's Department on 01-16-2013. Mr. Price was last seen leaving St. Mary's Hospital in Evansville, IN at 5:00 P.M. on 01-15-2013 and has not been heard from since that time. He was driving a 2011 Chevrolet Silverado Pickup , white in color, with IL registration 1249504B.

No foul play is suspected. There were indications that the vehicle had driven off the roadway on I64, and possibly driven into the Little Wabash River.

Members from the Marrs Township Volunteer Fire Department were requested to come to the scene. They utilized divers, boats with sonar equipment, and other methods in attempt to determine if a vehicle was submerged in the area. They did not locate a vehicle a vehicle at this time. Illinois Department of Transporation and the Illinois State Police assisted in diverting traffic along I64 from about 5:00 P.M. until 11:30 P.M. last night.

The Illinois State Police Air Operations flew the entire route yesterday, and will be utilized again today. Illinois Department of Conservation is to have a boat available today to again search the area.

Mr. Price is still listed as a missing person. Anyone with information in reference to his whereabouts should contact the White County Sheriff's Department at 618-382-5321.

White County Sheriff
Doug Maier
Suspect Arrested in Murder Case - 9-1-12
An investigation into the death of Jessica Evans and Jacob Wheeler has resulted in the arrest of: Danny K. Coston, a white male born on 11-21-1975 of 2207 County Road 1125 East; Carmi Illinois. Coston has been charged with 1st degree murder. Bail has been set at 3 Million dollars. Coston is being held in the White County Jail.

The investigation began on Sunday August 26th when Jessica and Jacob were reported as missing. A vehicle was located on Monday August 27th with the body of Jessica Evans in the bed of the vehicle.

On Friday evidence from the crime scene indicated a second vehicle was involved. Parts from a vehicle which had been wrecked were matched to a vehicle belonging to Danny Coston. Coston was taken to the White County Sheriff’s Office for questioning.

The body of Jacob Wheeler was discovered in Wayne County at a rural location early Saturday, September 1st.

States Attorney Scott Webb and Assistant States Attorney Denton Aud will prepare formal charges.

Agencies involved in the investigation: White County Sheriff’s Department; Illinois State Police; Illinois State Police Crime Scene; Southern Illinois Drug Task Force; Carmi Police Department; Grayville Police Department; Norris City Police Department; Wayne County Sheriff’s Department; Edwards County Sheriff’s Department; Posey County Sheriff’s Department; Illinois Department of Conservation, and the Illinois Department of Transportation.

We hope this brings some closure to the families of Jessica and Jacob. Our thoughts are with them.
Jessica Evans / Jacob Wheeler Update - 8-31-2012 6:50 AM
On Thursday morning a subject came to the White County Sheriff’s Office and advised a person came to Murphy’s Station in Carmi on Tuesday night at 7:27 PM and purchased cigarettes. He advised he thought the identification showed the subject as Jacob Wheeler. A review of the video by law enforcement showed a subject in a long sleeve camouflage hoodie and long pants. The subject had a hood pulled up over his head. The subject was obviously attempting to hide his face from cameras. He observed the subject enter a vehicle and leave.

This vehicle was located on Stewart St. in Carmi. The subject was located. The subject was not Jacob Wheeler.

On Thursday night at 11:50 PM the White County Sheriff’s Office received a report of lights on an old abandoned house located in a remote area of White County. The house was secured until backup officers from the Sheriff’s Office, Illinois State Police, and Carmi Police Department could arrive. The owner was contacted and advised there should be no light inside the residence, it has been vacant for several years.

The residence and surrounding buildings were searched. It appeared that someone had been in the residence at some point. The search did not locate anyone inside the residence at this time.

A helicopter from the Illinois Department of Transportation arrived at the Carmi Airport at 3:30 AM. The helicopter is equipped with ‘Fleer’ heat sensing system, The entire area around the location where the vehicle was recovered on Monday was covered and no subjects were located.

White County Crime Stoppers is offering a $2,000.00 reward for information leading to the location of Jacob Wheeler. Crime stoppers can be contacted by calling 800-637-3577 or the White County Sheriff’s Department at 618-382-5321.
On 8/26/2012 the White County Sheriff's Department took a report of two missing persons. They were identified as JACOB C. WHEELER, W/M, DOB 11/04/1989, 1173 County Road 2210N, Carmi, Illinois and JESSICA M. EVANS, W/F, DOB 02/10//1995, 211 W. Second St, Norris City, Illinois. They were last seen in a Gray Dodge Pickup Truck, IL Reg # 1061522.

On 8/27/2012 at app 2:45 pm the vehicle was located on County Road 1400E just South of County Road 2150N. This area is East of Centerville.

The truck had been driven down an embankment into a wooded area. The vehicle had ran over a large tree before coming to a rest.

In the bed of the truck a female subject, later identified as Jessica M. Evans, was located. Miss Evans was deceased.

Chief Deputy Coroner Ralph Hall and Coroner Carl McVey were called to the scene. Illinois Department of Conservation had a boat in the water and was notified of the area of the vehicle. Illinois State Police were requested to assist the Sheriff's Department in the investigation. States Attorney Scott Webb and Assistant States Attorney Denton Aud arrived on scene.

The incident is being investigated as a homicide. Miss Evans had what appeared to be gunshot wounds to the head. An autopsy will be performed at the White County Morgue on Tuesday.

Jacob Wheeler has not been located. he is a person of interest in the death of Miss Evans.

Anyone with information in reference to this matter please contact the Sheriff's Department

Doug Maier
White County Sheriff
Corrections Officer Arrested - 7-19-2012
On June 20th, 2012, a complaint was made to Sheriff Doug Maier in reference to an employee, Phillip L. Lowery. Mr. Lowery has been employed as a correction officer at the White County Jail since 4-1-2008. The complaint was made by the father of a minor female child, and it involved allegation of sexual abuse towards the child.

I spoke with the individual and determined that the matter needed to be investigated. I determined that an outside agency should investigate this matter and contacted the Illinois State Police and requested they conduct an investigation. I also contacted the Guardian Center to interview the victim. I attended the interview which was conducted on that morning.

I placed Mr. Lowery on administrative leave from the White County Jail effective June 20th, 2012, pending a resolution to the investigation.

On July 18th, 2012, criminal charges were filed in White County Circuit Court. Charges filed by Special Prosecutor Edwards County States Attorney Mike Valentine. Warrant 12-cf-77 issued for Phillip L. Lowery II, (DOB 6-29-74). Warrant for Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse. Bail set at $100,000.00 or $10,000.00 cash.

Mr. Lowery turned himself into the White County Sheriff's Office on 7-19-2012 at 7:00 PM where he was processed and posted the required bond of $10,000.00 for his release.

Mr. Lowery will remain on administrative leave with no legal standing or authority as a corrections officer.

- White County Sheriff Doug Maier
Local Manhunt - 3-15-12
A local man involved in a manhunt yesterday morning was located and placed under arrest this morning in Carmi at 12:30am.

Jeremy E. Davis, DOB 10/07/80, 501 Smith St., Carmi, IL was taken into custody without incident, Davis was involved in an incident on Wednesday morning at 9:54am on Illinois Route 1 South of Carmi.

Davis allegedly attacked a mental health care worker in a vehicle being used to transport Davis to a mental health facility. Davis allegedly attempted to steer the vehicle from the passenger side into oncoming traffic after making threats on the life of the worker. The vehicle was pulled to the side of the road where Davis continued to make threats to do bodily harm. The worker managed to exit the vehicle and Davis then fled on foot into wooded area.

Officers from the White County Sheriff's Office, Carmi City Police, Grayville City Police and Illinois State Police began a search to locate Davis. Grayville K-9 unit was called to the scene to assist. Efforts to locate Davis were unsuccessful.

At app 4:13pm a Charles Rankin, 1318 County Road 800E, Carmi, IL called and advised his residence had een burglarized and his Blue 1996 Chevrolet Truck had been stolen. This residence is located in the area Davis was last seen.

White County State's Attorney T. Scott Webb was notified of the incident and determined initial charges of Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Battery and Burglary. Formal charges will be filed today. Davis is being held in the White County Jail.

White County Sheriff
Doug Maier
The White County Sheriff's Office arrested Jogendra S. Chhabra, 1601 Carmie Lane, Marion IL DOB 12/20/55. Mr. Chhabra was arrested at Norris City Heathcare located at 110A Main St., Norris City. Mr. Chhabra is a physician at the facility.

A report to the White County Sheriff's Department led to an investigation involving the Illinois State Police. White County States Attorney T. Scott Webb requested a warrant which was signed by Judge Tom Sutton.

Mr. Chhabra was charged with the following:


Bail was set at $ 100,000.00, $ 10,000.00 in cash.

Mr. Chhabra held at White County Jail at this time.

White County Sheriff
Doug Maier
Suicide - 11-28-2011
At approximately 1:32 PM on 11-28-2011 the White County Sheriffs Department was notified that a subject had shot himself in the east parking lot of the White County Courthouse.

Officers arrived and located a male subject lying on the pavement with an obvious gunshot wound to the head. The subject was deceased.

The victim was identified as Carl A. Devoy (DOB: 06-21-1956) of 106 E. Main St.; Carmi IL.

Chief Deputy Coroner Ralph Hall arrived on the scene for the Coroners Office.

A witness had observed Mr. Devoy with a gun to his head. Mr. Devoy had a court appearance at 1:30 PM on a civil matter. Mr. Devoy did not enter the White County Courthouse at any time.
Drug Task Force Detail - 09-14-2011
The Southern Illinois Drug Task Force with assistance from the White County Sheriff's Department and the Illinois State Police, conducted a detail in White County last night.

The detail involved the manufacture of methamphetamine, and led to the arrest of Jamie N. West of Carmi Illinois, a 24 year old female. Ms. West was charged with participation in the manufacture of methamphetamine and possession of a controlled substance.

I.S.P. Greg Hanisch located a vehicle in the county along 1700 County Road 575 E at approximately 22:14 (10:14 P.M.), where an active methamphetamine lab was discovered. At that time an un-released number, of identified, suspects fled the scene on foot and Ms. West was taken into custody. A search was conducted to locate the other suspects involved. No other suspects were located during that search.

Reports have been filed with the States Attorney Scott Webb for further criminal charges.

White County Sheriff
Doug Maier
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