Jail receives perfect marks
On October 11, 2014 the security of the White County Jail was put to test when two inmates bore through the ceiling of the facility. Although within 12 hours the two inmates were apprehended, events like these are a sharp reminder that the protection of our community is my primary concern. Questions about the facility were raised and I have assured everyone that the facility is secure.

On October 22, 2014 the Illinois Department of Corrections performed its annual inspection. This inspection exceeded the expectation and standards of the Illinois Department of Corrections, only 11 days after the escape. Specialist Fritschle again noted numerous improvements during the inspection. The new ceiling, in progress of being installed, will include thermal imaging sensors and lighting. Among the list were mentions of the new medical, visitation, and event logging software developed by a staff member at no cost to the county, the new generator, and motorized rear gate. The inspection report continues to say that the improvements "will help to ensure a safe and secure jail."

The report also included a section titled "Noncompliances" with one word: "None".

I can't remember a scenario more critical to the security of the jail than the events of October 11th, and am proud of my officer’s response. We always have to be prepared for the worst case scenario. It is for this reason that we continue to improve.

White County Sheriff
Doug Maier
Burnt Prarie - 10-29-2014
The White County Sheriff's Department received a call at 3:01 PM on 10/29/2014 in reference to a man with a gun at 211 Church St.; Burnt Prairie, IL. The caller advised the subject was threatening to harm himself.

Sheriff Doug Maier, Sargent Craig Poole, and Sargent Byrd Huber responded to the location. Carmi k-9 unit Dustin Buttry also responded.
At the residence a male subject was inside the residence alone with a handgun. The man was threatening to commit suicide. He stated if anyone came into the residence he would shoot them. A family member had went into front part of residence but had to retreat. No telephony communication was possible as the man had broken his cell phone.
Around 4:45 PM a gunshot was heard from inside the residence. Shortly after the shot the male subject exited the residence. He was ordered to raise hands, and after an altercation with officers, the subject was taken into custody. He was unarmed and the firearm was located in the bedroom area where one shot had been fired into the floor of bedroom.
He was transported to Fairfield hospital by White County Ambulance and did not appear to be injured in any way. No criminal charges filed, and he was released to custody of Fairfield hospital.
White County Sheriff
Doug Maier
Sheriff's Department Recovers Vehicles
The White County Sheriff's Department has recovered a 2000 ford F250 which had been reported stolen by Wayne Bozarth of 540 Hillsdale ln.; Vienna, IL on October 28, 2014. The vehicle was located on 2350N 2350 N County Road 1650 E, just south of interstate I-64.

The vehicle was towed from the location and Illinois State Police Crime Scene will process the vehicle.

The White County Sheriff's Department also recovered both 4-wheelers that were reported stolen by James Taylor of 921 County Road 2550 N; Burnt Prairie, IL. Two Honda 4-Trax 4-wheelers were recovered, one in Carmi and one in Hamilton county.

A Hamilton County Township truck was also recovered on I-64 in White County.

Two 17 year old juvenile male subjects were interviewed. Statements indicated that the two were involved in the stolen vehicle from Hamilton County, and the theft of the two 4-wheelers from burnt prairie.

A tip to the White County Sheriff's Department led to the arrest and location of the vehicles.

White County State's Attorney Denton Aud will file formal charges. Both juvenile subjects were placed in custody and transported to the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center.

The investigation is ongoing at this time.

White County Sheriff
Doug Maier
Sheriff's Department Public Interview
Sheriff Candidate Jerry O'Neal & Sheriff Doug Maier were present for WRUL's Public Forum and discussed their views for the upcoming election.

Sheriff Candidate Jerry O'Neal's was the first to share his comments:

Sheriff Doug Maier's comments followed.

Stay Safe this Winter!
Winter is quickly approaching and with winter come hazardous road conditions. We would like to remind everyone to exercise caution when traveling on snow and ice. If you must travel during hazardous conditions we urge residents to pack a winter travel supply kit, prepare your vehicle for winter conditions, and exercise safe winter driving.

Winter travel supplies should include: Booster cables, two or more blankets, snow shovel and scraper, flashlight and extra batteries, extra clothing, high calorie non-perishable food, extra windshield washer fluid and antifreeze, flares or reflectors, and a piece of bright cloth. Prepare you vehicle by checking the ignition, fuel, cooling, and exhaust, systems, belt, fluid levels, brakes, wiper blades and fluid, tire tread and pressure, defogger, battery, and lights. Always fill the gasoline tank before a long or even short trip to take maximum advantage in case of trouble.

Please use common sense while driving near maintenance equipment and snow plows. Remember that conditions in front of the plow are usually much worse and it is recommended that you stay a safe distance as visibility can be reduced by blowing snow. Most importantly slow down! Winter conditions make it much more difficult to slow and stop in the event that something happens.

Road condition inquiries for the Illinois Department of Transportation are available at 800-452-4368, and Indiana Department of Transportation at 800-261-7623.

Please stay safe out there!
Current Conditions:
Weather Icon Temperature: 38° F
Condition: Partly Cloudy
Wind: NNW at 19 MPH
Humidity: 62%

Barometer: 30.26 in and steady.
Visibility: 10.0 mi
Dew Point: 26° F
UV Index: Low

Sunrise: 7:19 AM
Sunset: 5:54 PM
Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous
Conditions Current as of 12:48 AM
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